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Why we do it

Providing the best music event services to the East of England

Reason one

We get it. For any kind of party or event, you want someone that understands you, and what you want. That’s why we take time out to have a meeting with you and to ask you about your event.

Reason two

Our DJ’s are very experienced and they love hosting the party. That’s why we do it. To help you have a great experience.

Reason three

It’s all about the memories. We want to help you and your guest remember the night when… What better way to do it than with Stuart Grant Events.


We can also provide you with lots of extras.

How about a bubble machine for your first dance?

Have you thought about Chair covers?

And what about some dry ice?

If you would like to see all the things that we can provide, click below! 


What our customers say

“Our corporate event was amazing. Everyone had a great time and the atmosphere was perfect! Thanks Stu!.”

Sarah Morse | Ipswich

“We had such a great time at our wedding party. Stu did a fantastic job! Thanks for making it a special night!

Mike Parker| Norwich


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